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Forsaken Beauty

Recent Entries

8/17/06 09:45 pm - immortal_hell - Creativity is LOVE

I decided to be creative again

And with a little encoragment from etoilerosei decided to post them ^____^

Comment if you like them ^___^ And if you take them even better <3

x-posted places

8/2/06 12:07 pm - attackthequeen

Hey, I'm Kat. I've been lurking here for a while...
A little about me:
I love Naito, and Ni~ya is, hands-down, my favorite member.
As a soon-to-be bassist, he's definitely on my list of bass heroes. He's just amazing.
I've been into Nightmare for a while now... I don't really remember when I first got into them...
Sooo.... yeah.

And so I thought I should finally contribute, especially since there haven't been many updates recently.

So, I bring you a few measly Ni~ya icons ^^;;
Wooo! Icons!Collapse )

7/31/06 08:56 pm - holy_falling - new member and a new sendai kamotsu fansite!


i'm new here ^_^ my name's Psyence. i'm 18, 19 in december 8D and i got into nightmare around last year, and just recently fully got into sendai kamotsu. ni~ya is lovely <3 he seems so kind and nice <3

anyway, enough about me XD i'd like to plug my new sendai kamotsu fansite Country Boys. it's still rather small, but it contains sendai kamotsu news, member profiles, their discography, a small gallery and fanworks sections [ which need contributions! ].

i'm hoping to get a lyrics section up soon, so if anyone wants to contribute any SK lyrics - translated or just romanized - i'd be happy to accept. the same goes for fanart, fanfiction and images for the gallery. if you've got anything just email me, i'd be very thankful!

and while i'm at it, i may as well plug my nightmare fansite :P

x-posted to all nightmare / sendai kamotsu communities.


7/25/06 09:33 pm - immortal_hell

No ones posted in a while so i thought i would.
I took some screen shots of Ni from concerts and i thought i'd share

Pass me my drool bucket so i can drool again ^_~ lol

6/23/06 09:09 pm - sophistry_999 - <3333 happy bdai to you Ni-ya!!

This is for teh person that I first thought as a CAT!

its kinda small though...

Ni-ya=neko!! I LUFF YAH! <333Collapse )

hope everyone'll like it! ^^

6/8/06 06:50 pm - higeki_kiseki - Introduction post :)

Hi there! :D

I'm Tsuya and I'm from Germany. Basically, I joined this community because I love naitomea. ^__^ And Ni~ya is just plain bass-rabu. So there... I don't know that much about the band yet, but I hope that my knowledge will develop and that this community will help me a little with that... ^__^

Thanks for your attention.

5/21/06 10:15 pm - angelsubaru - O_O

*craws out of the dark hole that she was in*

As some of you noiced that I have not been around. For those who do not know I am the owner of Forsaken Beauty. I am sorry I honestly did not think that people were updating here. but now that i have my internet back online I check the site and was surprised on how many members we have. So starting today I will be more active in the community.

so any ideas for anything people might want to do? Icon, wallpapers, fanart contest?

and I am sorry for the lack of not having a monitor in the site. I will try my best to improve on that. m(_ _)m

5/17/06 02:16 pm - izon_no_niwa - *_*

Because ikiru_ningyou asked for these...

...and as such Photobucket is being a bitch!!!Collapse )

And the latest from Ni~ya...Collapse )

4/5/06 09:02 pm - izon_no_niwa - *kiddie voice* Baba Yuji ! ! !

Ni~ya = Nyao

4/1/06 11:18 pm - izon_no_niwa - Nightmare ICONTEST!

Hello!!! I made an icontest-community for Nightmare: naitomea_ic! Please join the community! It would really make me happy because I will be able to know how many people are so creatively interested with Nightmare.

Please join NAITOMEA_IC

Sorry if the image is too big or I am spamming your friends' page. ^_"
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