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Forsaken Beauty

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site for Ni~ya of Nightmare, has wallpapers, icons, banners and media on Niya and the rest of the Nightmare group.

thanks to Gackt-chan for the name of this site.
This site is run by Angelsubaru

Niya is Love


1. please make a intro post tell a little about yourself
2. must be a fan of Niya or Nightmare
3.no fighting this i will not stand for
4. anything is welcome here, fanart, wallpapers,icons, fanfic,mp3, video files.
5. YAOI is welcome but please if you do post Yaoi here give a warning on if it is work safe or not work safe.
6. YAOI stuff must be behind a lj cut.
7. There will NOT be any fighting over the whole Yaoi issue if you do not like it do not look at the Lj cut then. if you flame someone and start a fight I give you a warning, the second time it is done I will banned you.
8..respect others options.