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looking for 2 pics

Hey dudes ^^

I'm not this long at the lj-communities and today I found this one and thought: Damn u gotta join it xD
Cause of the fact Ni~ya is one of my favourite bassists *-*

Ah I have 2 requests at first.
Girls from a forum told me that they once saw pics from ni~ya I didn't ever know before:

1 on which he has pink (ôO) hair and
1 on which he has a winnie pooh beside him.

Does anybody know about these ones and would share them?

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Hey welcome to the comm ^.^!!

but for your request:
I don't know anything about pictures like these existing O.o;;;
Ni~ya and pink hair O___O??

I only know the picture with Sakito and that winni-poo-donkey as far as I remember ^^;;

^_^! ciu
he's had red hair before...

if that's what you mean..?

Ru's the only one that had pink hair before, long time ago. and I can't remember any winnie the pooh pics except saki and eeyore like above says! XD

Welcome anyways ♥
... this ni pic ... *kicks him* ¬¬
oooooh cheeeeese maybe it was better that I didn't know the first picture of Ni~ya....
ô___Ó *wants to hit him*
thx for your answers and the pics.

I really didn't know these hairstyle of ni~ya and these winnie pooh shootings, that's why I asked.
The girls from the other forum said the pic with niya and his pink her was in a French forum, but I didn't find anything about...
Maybe they took Ruka for Niya or what else.. I can't explain x_x