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Forsaken Beauty

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7/3/07 06:15 pm - akane_sakurai - . Ni~ya icons ;)

.Hello !
It's my first time posting here : D
I made 20 Ni~ya icons, and I wanna share them
because he needs more love <3


Do you wanna see them all?
Click here ;D

6/3/07 11:05 pm - ex_shinkai372

Challenge jrock_50
Subject: Ni~ya (Nightmare)
Progress: 50/50 COMPLETE;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
( follow the magical fake cut )

5/26/07 02:28 pm - izon_no_niwa - More layouts...

More layouts @ iconynano
(Pfft, layouts are Members-Only.)

5/15/07 03:53 pm - holy_falling - fanvid!

i come bearing a naito fanvid that i've made ^_^

-> watch it

-> download it

and as always, a reminder that my naito fansite, Love Tripper, is always on the lookout for new content ^.^v

x-posted to __naitomea__ hitsugixsakito love_sakito nightmare_fans rukaxhitsugi yomixhitsugi


4/29/07 07:13 pm - susaricah - Ni~ya Icons ^^

I made some Ni~ya Icons ^-^ Please comment and credit if you take. Thank you^^


+++ Ni~ya Icons +++

4/22/07 10:20 pm - izon_no_niwa - 50 NI~YA Icons! :D

This is a lot... so I thought I should share :D

If you're interested, you can view the whole set in my art journal, iconynano, or just click HERE.
I hope you find them useful :D
Please join the community for further updates such as more icons and... layouts! =D

1/20/07 08:55 pm - susaricah - Ni~ya Icons

Some Ni~ya Icons ^^


10/7/06 12:34 pm - susaricah - Ni~ya icon time ~~~~~~

I made Ni~ya icons I wanna share ^.^


Ni~ya icons this way

9/22/06 02:24 pm - silberblut - looking for 2 pics

Hey dudes ^^

I'm not this long at the lj-communities and today I found this one and thought: Damn u gotta join it xD
Cause of the fact Ni~ya is one of my favourite bassists *-*

Ah I have 2 requests at first.
Girls from a forum told me that they once saw pics from ni~ya I didn't ever know before:

1 on which he has pink (ôO) hair and
1 on which he has a winnie pooh beside him.

Does anybody know about these ones and would share them?


8/18/06 03:51 pm - immortal_hell

Loookie at my new layout >____<

So smexy i could die

Add me if you like, the more the merrier <3


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